My mixes have 45+ million streams on Spotify alone.

Make your music stand out...

10+ years experience

1000+ mixes to date

Variety of genres

£175 average mix & master price

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Amy Wadge Testimonial Photo
Amy Wadge

Lee is an asset to any room; as an engineer, a writer and a producer he brings so much to the table and is able to pivot to whatever is needed. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes him invaluable and he’s also the loveliest bloke.
- Grammy Winning Songwriter
Sam Ryder Testimonial Photo
Sam Ryder

Lee brings a wonderful, positive vibe to the studio. From the moment you meet him you realise that you’ve not only become friends with one of the world’s good guys, but are working with someone who cares about the project as much as you do. Big up Lee!
- Parlaphone Records
XY&O Testimonial Photo

No one has been able to mix our records and improve the dynamics of our sound like Lee. He's not just an engineer, he can apply his experience as a music creator to making the mix part of the creative process; everything is always balanced, clear and focused.
- Kobalt Music Publishing
Dom Kane Testimonial Photo
Dom Kane

Lee has very specialised vocal production skills and I can always trust him to create outstanding vocal mixes that are focused in a way that only someone with good vocal ability understands. He is highly technical but also highly creative.
- Mau5Trap & 5302 Records





Lee House About Image

After obtaining a first class degree in Audio Engineering in 2011, Lee was quickly snapped up by commercial studio ‘Acapela’ based in Cardiff and was later promoted to lead engineer where he was given the opportunity to work with many amazing artists spanning a wide variety of genre's including Pop, Dance, Rock, Electronic, Folk, Metal, Classical.
Since 2014 Lee has been working as a freelance engineer and has been working with artists from all over the world where his mixes have tallied over 45 million plays on Spotify alone as well as plays on national radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, 2 and 6Music.

With regards to his mixing style, Lee treats his mixes with surgical precision; shaping dynamics, frequencies and stereo positioning for each instrument so that everything is clear, concise and has its own space in the mix. When needed he can make a track sound huge and bombastic inline with massive chart hits whilst still adhering to the importance of maintaining dynamic intergrity.

Previous clients include:
Amy Wadge, Sam Ryder, Adam Lambert (Queen), John Adams, XY&O, Catrin Finch, Gruff Rhys, Cerys Matthews, Rusty Shackle, Dom Kane, Armada Records, Parlaphone Records, Universal Records, Deutsche Grammophon, The BBC, ITV and Channel 4.


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